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Cancelation policy

Cancelation policy

Cancelation policy 

Korlu Royal understands that things can happen, customers can change their mind at any time, we value each of our customers and are delighted doing business with you, that is why our company provides all necessary information that customers need to know before placing an order. 

All merchandise that are canceled, please note  as soon as you place your order, the payment systems  automatically will charge  your credit card. Please note the conditions of cancelling described. 

Note that the system will charge for processing fees.  Once the system processed with order. Even if the products have not been shipped out,  you will  only get 75% of store credit, but if the  system completes the process and is shipped out, Korlu Royal Beauty will not do any refunds or store credit. Thank you for your understanding. 

  All customize products along with everything on our company site that customers order, which also includes wrong measurements, colors, fabrics, wrong clothing, our company will NOT release any Refunds ,exchange or any shipping fees Refunded to customers, thank you for your understanding.